Team Speak 3

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                                                                               Team Speak 3 Server

Many of you have notified me about the Team Speak Server. From my understanding, The server is currently down! Once I or another member of AntumRP's staff team have any further information, We will get back with you all! 

AntumRp's Return Status

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Currently pd is under new command

Current Chief

Assistant Chief
John Walker

All documents for pd are currently made or under revision as well as ranks High command will inform everyone of the progress


Is in the works should be finshed soon roster and time logs are in the works via the chief of police


Meeting will be held on the 4th details will be in the fd channels.

Current chief:TBA

So as many people know there is constant issues between fd and ems so they have been split up anyone interested in being the ems chief please contact a founder!

Also the bases have been split up ems will have a small base inside east civ spawn and fd will have the department at the airport.


Finshed and already operating.

Website is currently under construction please bare with us on the up coming changes!


AntumRP's Rule Change

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A. Smith
AntumRP's rules have been changed on this date of a Sunday, 12/02/2018.

updated some rules and fixed some typo's (Monkeyz)