AntumRP's Return!

Written by
A. Smith
This message wont tell a lot of information but in a couple days there will more information released explaining AntumRP's return. Only thing I plan to leak right now is that S.W.A.T. better not hit tree.

[ARP]: Stat Wipe

Written by
A. Smith
There is a stat wipe today, all money will be removed!

DDoSing, Hacking and You!

So, as you may or may not have know, we have been under attack in a multitude of different ways, Including DDoSing (Distributed Denial of Service), People using PBO's and "nulling" our server. So as of now, any THREATS, DDOS ATTACKS or PBO USING, intentional or not, you will Permanently Banned from our community as well as information about the attack will be passed on to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the nature of the DDoS Attack. Please do not click foreign links, or any links you do not trust, If you are asked to join any suspicious TeamSpeak Servers or Visit any websites. Multiple people have already been reported and blacklisted from our community, please note that "DDoSing" is a federal crime in the United States of America.

In terms of Hacking, we also have a zero-tolerance in terms of it, if caught using a hacked PBO, Duping, Glithcing or anything along those lines, you will also be Permanently Banned from our community.

     ~ Harry Dickinson
                Director of Administration

Source - Department of Homeland Security

Pending Removal of U. S Marshals On the Server.

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Pending removal of US Marshals and poll was created by numerous members of the community. Message from SMT As of right now: "A poll was created and was voted. Ending Results 19 Voted for Yes. 8 Voted for No and 0 voted for Doesn't Matter. So as right now SMT will have a meeting discussing whether or not marshals will be removed. SMT did have a brief talk about it before Community Founder Llama went on LOA and we decided when Llama gets back we will make a final decision. But until then marshals will do as the rules state, Sincerely, Senior Managment Team" 

Screenshot of Poll:

Please Note this was not a decision by Myself. SMT did have a discussion about Marshals when the Founders and myself were online last night. 
Anyone saying that i'm going after the marshals myself this is false, and anyone saying the rules I posted was me "Bullying Marshals" is false as The Founders approved me making the rules. We talked about how we wanted the marshals to be and we made the rules to shape the marshals into becoming like the real life marshals bottom line. Please leave comments below about your thoughts in the topic.
Sincerely, James Burns

AntumRP: Kelley's Island Switch

Written by
A. Smith
We are switching to Kelley's Island today, we are redoing our website. If you can not find what you need, please connect to the TeamSpeak at: